Veneto Road Trip Part 3 – Verona

Our penultimate day to this incredible road trip in Northern Italy. Our time in Veneto was quickly becoming my best ever road trip to date. Our flight was later in the evening which left us to visit the city closest to our hotel, Verona. Check out completed and bags packed in the boot, the trusty old Fiat Panda rattled on towards the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Our first stop was the 1st Century Roman Amphitheater, Arena di Verona. We missed most of the queues as we arrived pretty early outside the Colosseum’s little brother. A small fee of 7.50 Euros got us in and we scaled the arena straight to the top from the sidelines. It offered fantastic views of the theater and a good vantage point of the inner city, climbing the steep steps was worth it.


Being prepared for an event

After seeing Verona’s centerpiece, it was time to do some casual walking to take in what the city had in its repertoire.

The play Romeo and Juliet remains as one of Verona’s biggest tourist draws. After getting lost a couple of times trying to find Juliet’s abode, we found the cozy little garden square full of tourists. The balcony at Juliet’s house can be visited for a fee, however, we decided that experiencing it was better on the ground, free of charge. The sheer volume of people was a little challenging for us to navigate the tiny little square, with tourists lining up for a photo with Juliet’s statue while holding on to her breast. Legend has it that when you touch Juliet’s right breast, this will give you good luck.

The walls were covered with the tributes of the visitor’s love by etching their names on to a part of history. We had to do our own little mark.


The heat was starting to affect us and we needed a little shade break and a sit-down somewhere cool.

Walking towards the beautiful square, Piazza delle Erbe, there were market stalls selling souvenirs to home-made textiles. Needing to be cooled down, we went directly to a fresh fruit vendor selling chopped up fruits stored in cups. Sitting down on the sides gave us the chance to relax and people watch while admiring the beauty of the square.


We got hungry very quickly after our rest. My phone tracked us doing around 10,000 steps by midday already so we wanted to have our last meal in Italy somewhere relaxing. Heading back to the direction of Arena di Verona, was Piazza Bra. It is Verona’s main square, with lush greenery and statues dedicated to Verona’s finest people. A row of restaurants line the perimeter of the square and we decided to dine alfresco with the views of the square.


We had a couple of hours left before we return the car and check in at the airport. I had one last place to visit, the Castel San Pietro. Fellow bloggers were raving about this place, not because of the castle, but the views of the city. We drove through the winding and hilly roads to get to the top. The views were simply magnificent. It was a sea of beige rooftops and towers protruding into the skies. It was a quiet afternoon at the viewing area and we almost had the place to ourselves. We spent an hour just taking the views in and just looking back on our road trip in the north of Italy.


Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Veneto. An exciting couple of days left us more exhausted than when we first landed, a sign of a trip taken to the full. Everything about this region’s nooks and crannies begs to be explored. Every town had its own little quirks and specialties, and being able to freely roam the region with a car made everything accessible. Definitely, a road trip to remember.



5 thoughts on “Veneto Road Trip Part 3 – Verona

  1. Looks like Italy has an endless amount of things to explore. I have been to Verona, just for few hours on a road trip, but loved the city.


  2. The last shot of the city is beautiful. Will have to read the other parts too, simply love the way you are written, short and simple.


  3. I would LOVE to visit Verona someday. Visiting Castel San Pietro. for the views will be at the top of my list! I would assume it to be a bit touristy, but it’s so beautiful it looks worth it!


  4. The first time I heard about Veneto is from the movie Letters to Juliet. It was a romantic movie that made me wish to visit all the places mentioned in the movie, all in Italy. Definitely, I will someday 😀


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