Leap of Faith

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wi…..

Okay, so I wont plagiarize a lyric from the modern day philosopher Katy Perry, but I share the same sentiment. This blog would suggest that I love to travel, to experience new places, or generally just have a break from the routine of that 9-5 grind. If you’re new to the blog, I travel in between work and have been doing so for around 4 years now. Squeezing flights in between the weekends and annual leaves. Previous blogs on this site suggest that it’s fun and rewarding, finding the cheapest deals on the limited time I have available. Although true, the trips are abruptly cut short to fly back home. Around May time, me and my girlfriend were growing dissatisfied and unhappy with our work (we work in the same company). The job became a chore and we felt that we needed to move on.

We made a life changing decision. We are ending our tenure so we can travel more as we succumb to wanderlust. We have always been in employment since leaving education, so this is unknown territory for us. The comfort of having a stable job had made us become creature of habit, earning the coin we needed to fund our trips.


Not only that we get to see the world, it will also teach us some valuable lessons in life. Living with our parents gave us the ability to travel whenever we wanted and we thank them greatly for letting us lodge for reasonably cheap. This trip will enable us to be more independent and expose ourselves in the daily struggles that’s out of our comfort zone.

After years of normality, it’s time to put life on pause.

This doesn’t mean that we backpack across Europe, or build a van to drive through South America. We will be relocating to Cebu, Philippines and set up a base camp for our travels in Asia. I was born and raised there before I moved to the UK so we will be  surrounded by awesome people as we traverse through South East Asia and beyond.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

At the time of writing, we have just over a month left. Over a month to prepare our documents, jabs and items to take with us. It would be an understatement if I said that I’m excited, but I am also slightly worried and cautious with the financial aspect of the experience. We have limited funds, and this is the time to be wise with it while maintaining our travel lifestyle.

We are setting off on the greatest adventure we have ever been on. We don’t know when we will return, if at all. Everything is to be decided; the people we meet, the problems we face, and the experiences we gain.

Here’s to the unknown.




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