The Fight with Flights

I hate RyanAir. But I also love it.

RyanAir Flight to Marrakech


If you are like me, I love a good deal – but don’t we all? RyanAir is arguably the cheapest in Europe with fares as low as £9 one way. There are some sacrifices though; you pay extra to sit with the person you are with, you have to walk to the end of the airport to get in the plane or being unable to carry any luggage on board. Things that come standard on other airlines. The service isn’t great, the seats are a little uncomfortable and it’s susceptible to delays. BUT, you will get to your destination just fine. I have flown with Emirates, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and with many more prestigious names. The experience with the in-flight journey vary with each Airline, but they all got me to my destination.


Unless I plan on going on a ‘big’ trip, I avoid choosing a specific destination for my next travels. In conjunction with my annual leave allowance, I let the good old computer tell me where to go with the dates I tell it. The difference from getting a good deal and a great deal is your flexibility. Gone are the days of travel agents, there are many websites jostling for the crown of the best ticket booking platform. Kayak, Expedia, Opodo; but for me, reigning supreme is Skyscanner. (I haven’t been paid by Skyscanner to endorse their product, I just think they’re badass and FREE). It does magical calculations when I enter dates, my home airport and the ‘Everywhere’ function. It brings up the cheapest destination at the top and I choose away. If the destinations aren’t to my liking, I adjust the dates and/or the home airport to see if I see anything I like. Weekday trips are the cheapest, with weekends the most expensive, so I tend to tinker around the dates. 



”I let the good old computer tell me where to go with the dates I tell it”


Another platform I use is the WeekenGo app. There’s a little bit more work in this one, but highly rewarding in the end. It combines the best deals on Flights and hotels. You can enter multiple departure airports, set a budget, destination themes, hotel types and much more. But my favourite is the time option. It can set a desired time for when I choose to fly out and return, ideal for a weekend away without taking any days off from work. Leaving on a late night flight on Friday straight after the office, then return late night on Sunday to maximise the getaway. A caveat is hidden within the name, this can only search for deals ranging from Thursday to Monday, not giving the option for any other days in the week. Friday to Sunday is mandatory, with Thursday and Monday available as additional days if you want. It was like this app was made for me!


WeekenGo App

My advice is to approach this with an open mind, set a budget on what you are willing to pay. Remember not to splash all your cash on flights, you have accommodations and activities to fund. Explore places you have never heard of, or visit the go-to destinations. Do your research, and avoid being ripped off.

If you know any other platforms that will make travelling cheaper, please leave a comment! Likewise if you need any travel advice, ask away!

9 thoughts on “The Fight with Flights

  1. Great read, I’ll have to check the Weekengo app. I agree Skyscanner is by far the best and Ryanair for its flaws is still my preferred airline for European trips just because of how cheap it is. It’s different long haul but you’re rarely on a Ryanair plane for long anyway.

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  2. I agree, Skyscanner is ‘the bomb’! And Ryanair so cheap. I got here to Dublin for just £25 return. Only my flight home yesturday was cancelled due to strikes haha. But again, being flexible is really helpful. Instead of being angry I did an internal high 5 to myself. One more l night in Dublin. Yay! As long as I hang onto my receipts I can claim back food and accommodation costs and have a free day. The silver lining

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