The Professional Part Time Traveller

To live a life, is to travel often.

In a world of what if’s and obligations – I choose to venture, while being a contender in the 9 to 5 rat race. An aspiring vehicle maintenance guru; creating processes and managing folks by day, then a self-propelling travel agent by night.

The challenge of balancing a career and a rambler lifestyle is very rewarding. Work offers 22 days annual leave plus national holidays, so planning is essential to maximise any ventures. A source of income is guaranteed, with genuine progression paths. I live within an hour away from 4 major UK airports. The world is my proverbial oyster.

Find someone to share your travels with. Travelling is best when its shared. Someone can also take pictures of you instead of awkward selfies. Bonus.

Come and join me. You will find ways to juggle normal and traveller lives. You will also find ways on how I choose my destinations, calculating it with my annual leave days remaining and how much funds I have. Wheeling and dealing, from flights and hotels, to paid excursions and activities.

This blog is an insight on how to be a professional part-time traveller.





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